A Beautiful Interior in Davis Square

Enjoy this walk through a minimalist’s dream come true. Stark, white walls with beautiful, simple decor lead to a memorable look and feel for this interior painting job, located in Davis Square, Somerville

A look at a crisp, freshly painted living room. The neutral tone of the paint allows the accessories in the room to really pop.
A look at the TV room. The sharp lines provided by the shelving and the flat screen television combine with the wall and ceiling angles, resulting in a clean, fresh look.
Looking into the TV room from the opposite angle, with entranceways and beams framing the room.
Decisions, decisions! From here, you can either exit through the front door, or opt to explore more by heading up the stairs. Beautiful detail work is seen everywhere.
Finally, we take a look at the bathroom. More crisp, clean lines and accessories make for a very relaxing yet inspiring space.

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